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As sociologists, being against inequality is not enough. To continue to be relevant sociologists much engage in the protest sector. More…
Action and Foresight Sociologies - Urgent!

Action and Foresight Sociologies – Urgent!

At the BSA’s Medical Sociology Group conference in York this year the ‘Cost of Living’ group (@Cost_ofLiving) organized a symposium to address the coalition government’s attack on the National Health Service (NHS) in England. It was a privilege, if a... More…
Rethinking class for the 21st century?

Rethinking class for the 21st century?

As an undergraduate I was introduced to theories and concepts of social class that took off from Marx and Weber. But while I absorbed this ‘classical tradition’ I also became familiar with the Registrar General’s (RG’s) ‘Classification of Occupations’, which... More…
A case for 'action sociology'

A case for ‘action sociology’

Five of us studied sociology at university while the sixth only demurred because her early artistic talent shone brightly. We think and act as one across a range of social and political domains. Moreover we share the view that ‘doing... More…