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Health Inequalities: Why are black and Asian people at greater risk of coronavirus? Here’s what we found

Why are black & Asian people at greater risk of coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has markedly increased awareness of health inequalities. Researchers have long understood that ethnicity and socioeconomic conditions play a major role in influencing our health, but the pandemic has illuminated these stark inequalities and the need for urgent action... More…
The psychology of mutual aid

The psychology of mutual aid

making sense of the public response to coronavirus (and how to sustain it) in an era of entrenched inequality Worthing is a Sussex town on the south coast. In the last few weeks, as Coronavirus has swept through our country,... More…
COVID attire: ‘It’s a kind of magic’

‘It’s a kind of magic’

COVID attire, mimesis and the limits of rationalism[1] Over the past few weeks, airport travel has had the feel of a global game of musical chairs, with everyone scrambling to find their seat (i.e., return home) before the music stops... More…
COVID: A rural perspective

COVID: A rural perspective

How do we live today in the age of COVID? One answer is that, of course, there is no “we,” other than for our leaders who proclaim that “we will beat it together”  and who misguidedly believe that “we can... More…