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Dear Readers,

Thanks for reading our posts and for following us on twitter.  Also thanks to the many guest authors who have blogged for us over the last year.  We hope you all have a merry break and a very happy new year.

Over the last year we have posted a diverse range of articles and here is our own selection of the blogs that we have published this year.

Letter from America’ by Judy Green – A Brit abroad takes a hard look at healthcare in the USA and how its catastrophic health care costs is a warning not to be complacent about the NHS.

Culturally appropriate health promotion, or cynical marketing ploy? Australia’s storm in a beer glass’ by Charlie Davison – Charlie asks how the right balance be struck when trying to send health promotion messages about alcohol that are appropriate to their user group without losing sight of health message.

NHS 111 – Improving efficiency or destroying the ‘brand’?‘ by Sasha Scambler – NHS 111 need not necessarily be the calamity it has become. This calamity is driven more by financial under investment than a more pervasive crisis of care.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon? A historical perspective on risk and sunlight’ by Simon Carter – Currently the health warnings on sun exposure are far from straight forward. But what does a history of sunlight tell us about changing social attitudes to exposure.

Statins and their side effects’ by Catherine Will – As the debate about statin use continues it is the case is often made that ‘positive goods’ tend to outweigh the ‘negative bads’. But patients need to be also told about the potential ‘negative bads’ when taking statins.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Mental Health Policy at a Cross Roads in the UK’ by Patrick Vernon – BME inequality is no further forward than it was 10 years ago. It needs to be urgently addressed as a high priority area of social policy.

Tubecrush: Privacy, Sexism and Consent in the Digital Age’ by Adrienne Evans – Mobile devices have facilitated new forms of sexist voyeurism and misogyny.  How does the digital images of men promoting an idealised of hegemonic masculinity?

Ebola: Media Narratives and Public Responses’ by Lesley Henderson – Lesley asked whether we are being educated or frightened by the media reporting of the ebola epidemic.

Visibility and invisibility in a leaderless NHS’ by Ewen Speed – Ewen points out that lack of clarity about who is, and who is not accountable in the NHS has a clear political function. He asks who has the most to gain from an apparent lack of leadership in the NHS.

Trouble in social democratic paradise – the Swedish model crumbles?’ by Hannah Bradby – Sweden, with its inclusive social welfare, is the model of social democratic paradise. Is it about to be undermined by right wing populism & anti-immigration?