What is a Substantial Meal? 

As lockdown 2 ends in England, many places will be moving into Tier 2 restrictions, where one can only purchase a drink if you also purchase a ‘substantial meal’.  This has led the editors of the blog to speculate as to what exactly is a ‘substantial’ meal.  Here we reproduce some of our discussions with the images we have found.

Editor: Is this a Tier 2 substantial meal?

Another Editor: Pie-eyed again?

Yet Another Editor: It does raise the question- what exactly constitutes a “substantial meal”?? I think the government’s working definition is :- “The amount of edible material that Boris Johnson wouldn’t give a hungry child, but Marcus Rashford would”

Editor: that’s a very clear metric!

Editor: Having a substantial meal in the pub…

Another Editor: Food minister George Eustice has just suggested that a scotch egg could count as a substantial meal or even a starter!

Yet another editor: 😂😂 ??? “And often that may be as a starter” – I know I’m running the risk of coming across as an effete middle class softy, but I have never before run into that particular dish being billed as an hors d’œuvre…

Another editor: TBH I did see a ‘deconstructed scotch egg’ on a menu once – I think it involved a quail egg. Is that effete middle class enough!

Yet another editor: 🤣doesn’t sound like the kind of place that EVER serves up a ‘substantial meal’ – with or without a drink! I wonder if the public health agencies need to be clearer on this topic: “Any dish described as deconstructed is only allowed in restaurants in Tier 1 locations or in extremely bourgeois areas where other food may not be available”

Finally, here is Matt Swan’s (from Twitter) attempt at making a substantial meal calculator.

Other Stuff we have seen

Millennium Bridge, London Thursday evening – we didn’t know what it means but maybe an answer here

Distancing warden patrolling the corridors of a Swedish University

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