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What we have seen


Some people feel so strongly about what has happened during COVID that they are hanging professionally made posters on their houses.


Preparations being made for first post lockdown market.

New rules for going to the dentist!

Pandemic diet from small local cafe

Swedish shops closed for the long summer holiday – nothing to do with COVID-19

Social distancing in action on the beach (one of our editors by the beach hut!)

A municipal bin inviting you to vote for summer or winter when disposing of your ciggy butt – summer is on the left.

What we are reading this week

An inspiring and illuminating representation of the intersectional diversity of women in the UK. Funny and affecting.

Someone in Government needs a copy of this.

What we are playing this week

The brutal sequel to the ‘Last of Us’. Just as the original, this plays more like an interactive movie than a game – more about character development than action.  The story centres on Ellie, a young woman who, in a post-pandemic apocalypse, is driven into a physical and psychological descent into revenge in which no one wins.

The non-human companions of ‘Cost of Living’ (maybe a regular feature)

Some cope with lockdown better than others!

Pandemic puppy