What we Have Seen

Lockdown having an interesting impact on one of our editors and companion animal

New regulations from the public health agency of Sweden – a maximum of one person per table in food courts

Covid-19 info in ten different languages on the front of the semi-closed Swedish library

Some Saturday night existentialism…

Essex local paper correspondents weigh in on the big international issues around pandemic control….

Pandemic-proof pleasures: seed potatoes chitting on the window sill

English version of the contact tracing for Swedish University

A slightly ironic poster to have up at the vaccination hub (Colchester Stadium) – considering the role Cheltenham Festival 2020 is thought to have played in seeding the original epidemic!

What we are Watching

Manhunt: Deadly Games (2020) series focusing on the botched FBI manhunt for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Bomber

What we are listening to

Podcast: “Cautionary Tales” – Tim Hartford (Financial Times, BBC, author of “The Data Detective” and “The Undercover Economist”) draws on social psychology, economics and design to bring you stories of awful human error, tragic catastrophes, daring heists and hilarious fiascos.