What we have seen

Lay Virology – washing the shopping bags

Advice to library visitors (Sweden)

28 Weeks Later; still advertising March events in October

Some type of grim metaphor of our times. Party shop has gone out of business because no one has parties anymore. Now a massive sinkhole has opened up underneath it, undermining the foundations.

The logo with a suggested activity during self-isolation is a nice touch!

The tapir is apparently the unit of social distance in Guatamala (and what are those men carrying?)

What are we reading

Artistic depictions and discussion of our lockdown relationships with our bodies

#publichealth (from above book)

Absorbingly humanizing the politics of migration

Unputdownable convalescent conversations between mother & daughter

What we are watching

Examination of background to infamous disasters in Britain (Paddington, Zeebrugge, Piper Alpha, Munich Air Crash, King’s Cross Fire, Grenfell Tower).  One thing that links most is that warnings were there, but were ignored by senior management in interests of profit/saving money.

Escapism into Stephen King horror

What Music we are listening to

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts (available on youtube) – many names you may have heard of and many that you will not know, but all worth a listen

IDLES – MODEL VILLAGE (Official Video)Drop Off Head – ‘I see a lot of gammon in the village’

Drop Off Head