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What we have seen this week

There are so many things wrong with these HM Government adverts, but even in their own terms, will they persuade even a one person to change their behaviour.  Just more crap PR and slogans. 

Grassroots future-building

Colchester- Bouquets left outside the castle in commemoration of the victims of the notorious ‘Witch Trials’ that took place 375 years ago on July 17th.


Urban green – PPE among the rubbish

What we are reading

Read it to weep at the state of humanity, but also wonder at the beauty of Vuong’s observation and introspection.


A cultural tour of the diverse culinary styles of the world, written in gonzo style journalism.

What we are watching 

Staged: David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing hilarious caricatures of themselves and reflecting on the many quirks of lockdown.