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What We Have Seen

Easy to do the right thing (?) Social distancing advice in a Swedish restaurant.

Pop up caravan shop outside a local pub in Colchester has decided to leave the precise distance up to the individual customer’s judgement.

Brewdog are thinking of making a new beer and wanted feedback on possible names?

Seen Somewhere

Loverly little sign in the pharmacy.

What we are watching

Russian Doll: strange, and surreal series about New Yorker Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) being caught in a time loop where she repeatedly celebrates her 35th birthday and then dies.  Much more complex than Groundhog Day and maybe really about addiction, trauma, and how human connections are the essence of everything.

What we are Listening to

American Podcast about the dark side of the American Dream – the episodes on the NRA will make your hair stand on end.

What we are Reading

We’re all being led by men with yellow feathers in their hair.

Escapist fiction for pandemic relief.


Some very apposite reading that chimes with the contemporary global context.