Image: Gallery from Neil Cummings Flickr Photostream

What we have seen

Notice on Worthing Pier

Local people decorating the social distancing markers on the promenade

‘Look after one another. Keep your distance’ – Notice in Swedish park

Apparently outside a hospital in Lewisham

Local Pub in Oxford (now shut) with a message of support for NHS

What we are watching 

‘Dead to Me’ – A black comedy about two widows meeting at a support group, and becoming close friends

‘Free Solo’ a documentary about Alex Honnold’s attempt to climb the 3000 foot El Capitain without any safety ropes. As well as the terrifying and beautiful scenes of climbing this is also a thoughtful essay on mortality, morals and relationships. 

What we are reading and playing this week

One of us is playing ‘Pandemic’ the board game. “It’s a collaborative pastime (everyone against the game). Our lockdown household has finally won at the top difficulty level (called “heroic” by the game developers). We are now investigating ‘add-on’ kits. For people interested in public health (as well as those who aren’t) – it’s a good fun game! I can’t quite form a settled opinion about the ‘bad taste’ aspect. There is certainly a gallows humour side to it as you lose the game on a sudden unexpected third outbreak in London/ Atlanta/choose-a-city.”

“My Sister, the Serial Killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite – A romp of a read about what binds sisters.