What we Have Seen

Oxfordshire CC shut this road off for several nights and spent a shed load of money, making road “bike-friendly” in response to COVID. Result: a road marking system that is confusing for drivers and cyclists and does zero to protect bike riders. Paint does not protect!

Sign in park reminding visitors of government guidelines. Who when knows of any of them are still current or what we are supposed to do now.

New urban landscape, with roads shut off and outside seating. What’s going to happen in the autumn?

Spain: Mandatory mask use in the mountain village of Capileira

Spain: complicated public health regulations!

Sign in Exeter town centre from Standup X – an organisation that appears to be a coalition of various outlandish conspiracy theories – 5G, Bill and Milinda Gates, paedophiles, anti-vax and anti-face masks.

Sweden: Preparations for distanced University learning

What we are Reading

Having watched the incredible dystopian TV series from The Wire’s David Simon, now got to read the book

Harrowing piece of historical fiction that sadly rings all too true

What we are Watching

The Boys: Novel take on superheroes – where the superheroes (Supes) are managed by an evil corporation and are all a**holes, drug addicts, murderers and abusers.  A small band of vigilantes seeks justice for those harmed – both funny and violent.