L0058223 Pneumothorax apparatus, London, England, 1901-1930
Credit: Science Museum, London. Wellcome Images

A pneumothorax is where the lung collapses due to a change in pressure in the chest cavity. This condition occurs when the chest and lungs are penetrated in an accident or injury. Before the discovery of effective antibiotics in the early 1940s, a pneumothorax might be triggered deliberately as a treatment for tuberculosis. Gases such as nitrogen and oxygen would be injected into the chest cavity, collapsing the lung and so allowing it to heal more easily. The apparatus was made by the Genito-Urinary Manufacturing Co Ltd and would have been used in hospitals, especially those dedicated to treating tuberculosis patients.

maker: Genito-Urinary Manufacturing Company Limited

Place made: London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
made: 1901-1930 Published: –

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